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European Senior Product Designer 🙋🏻🇪🇺😺

Yet another article about design systems 😺

In this article, I’ll explain my experience with the discovery and initial setup of a new design system. We will cover the evaluation of what a design system is, what is required in the system and finally setting up a development process.

The problem

It happens frequently that companies that scale over time end up using different components resulting in products and other user touch points being dramatically inconsistent which in turn result in all the products looking and feeling very different.

Let’s analyse the following scenario. …

Building my product design portfolio — Lessons learned.

Recently I joined a community of designers which give a one-time portfolio review for designers during the pandemic. Giving back to the community has been great and I’ve learnt a lot myself from the designers too, taking part in the portfolio review.

I’ve reviewed over 50 portfolios so far and I’ve decided to put together a list of lessons that I’ve learned that will hopefully speed up the process when you are designing your portfolio.

KPIs to keep in mind when designing your portfolio.

Looking for a job is tiring, even more so during a pandemic when the market is not particularly stable and finding an opportunity can be…

Tips for devs and design teams: how to become allies, not enemies.

Alex has just started her new job as a UX designer at GoodSoftware, her aim is to design beautiful and useful products and always listening to her users.

Jo is a principal engineer at GoodSoftware, she loves best dev practices and clean code.

Alex joins the company’s design team. She doesn’t have much contact with Jo’s and her dev team because she is sitting on a different floor. Alex never sees the dev team, apart from some company meetings.

After a few weeks of onboarding, she is given her first design task to design a new feature for the website.

  • What is fake news?

Today, most of the time spent on social networks, we are literally surrounded by fake information and hoaxes.

Wikipedia defines fake news as “a type of yellow journalism that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via the traditional print, broadcasting news media, or via Internet-based social media.”

The relationship between information and opinion has always been ambiguous in all sectors of our life. …

A view on UCD and how I implement it in my everyday job

User Experience is essential nowadays: everything needs to be designed for us, to make our lives easier.
Some days ago a colleague asked my help to scan a document on our office printer. We tried to do it, but the printer interface was so bloated that we couldn’t make it. After trying for 5 minutes without any result, we finally decided to give up and go scanning and printing elsewhere.

I then decided to conduct some research in my office, asking my colleagues what a printer needed to have to be useful.

They replied that a printer needs to support…

Annalisa Valente

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