I see your point. Out of curiosity - how many messages received since the implementation?

Are you working as a freelancer?

I saw many portfolios where people use one page just for the contact form and nothing else and this creates friction because usually many hr want to see your blogs, linkedin, dribbble and so on but not necessarily to contact you back from the website so you are adding on complexity.

I like to think the portfolio is something you should improve based on data exactly as you’d do with a live product. I had many conversations with designers that have the contact form and they never received a message. If data shows that no one uses it, the best thing to do imo is to remove it because it is easy to break the flow and to lose people’s attention during these precious 30 seconds that they spend on your portfolio.

If you are a freelancer I think it may be slightly different, you want for example that the contact form increases the conversions and you are targeting not only people that will recruit you but also business owners that need your service, etc. then yes, they want to find you on google and they need to contact you from the website in any and easy ways. This is a different story, different users with different needs, we can discuss this further if you're interested.

Apologies I probably should have specified this in the article.